E-Visa Instructions
Prepare original copy in advance to upload

Photo of Passport



Visa available now

  • Visa T(Tourist) & Visa E(Business)
  • Validity: 3 months from date of successful application
  • Length of stay: 30 days
  • Processing time: 1 business day
  • For entry requirement, please read link
  • Visa E(Business): 51.5USD/Pax (e-Visa Fee 35USD + Convenience Fee 16.5USD)
  • Visa T(Tourist): 45.5USD/Pax (e-Visa Fee 36USD + Convenience Fee 9.5USD)
  1. Receive email confirmation, print documents
  2. Processing time: 1 working day
  3. Please wait patiently for feedback after payment
  4. The visa application result will be confirmed by email

Print visa confirmation


Payment method: